Friday, August 31, 2012

August Memories

August just flew by! We did some really fun things that deserve their own posts, but I wanted to go ahead and add some random pictures. Somewhere between July and August, Mason decided he wanted to be a “juicy” baby and hasn’t quit fattening up since. Cory just adores him and is always asking to hold him. He is really gentle and follows the “Baby Mason rules” really well. As soon as Mason sees Cory, he lights up with this humongous grin. Cory talks to Mason like I do saying things like, “Hey honey!” “Hey sweet baby” “Cory has you. It’s ok.” All of which completely melt my heart and remind me why we needed Mason in our family. 

Cory let a stray dog in one day. Luckily she was really sweet and clean. :)

I took this picture one night when I was having a particularly hard time putting him down. I just love snuggling him! 

Mason and Great-Grandma Thatcher

Cory and his friend Brigham

When Cory saw Mason in a baseball outfit, he ran and put his matching ones on. It was cute.

My little Chris Farley baby

Mason almost always falls asleep during tummy time

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