Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seven Peaks

Kevin and I took Cory to Seven Peaks Friday night, and we had a nice time as a family. I'm so excited to bring this baby home, but I'm also dealing with the emotions of our family changing. I really enjoy my time with Kevin and Cory, and was thankful to spend some quality time together before this baby arrives.

Cory went down "The Cave" water slide with Kevin while I waited at the bottom. It seemed like it took them forever and my anxiety grew to an embarrassing level by the time they came down. (I was ready to go and fuss at the lifeguard for sending people down too close together etc. etc. I get a little crazy when I'm pregnant.) I was so scared that Cory would be scared or get dunked at the bottom, so it was a huge relief to see them pop out at the bottom all smiles. Kevin said Cory was cool as a cucumber the entire time and never apprehensive at all. He is such a fun and brave little man. 

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