Saturday, June 9, 2012

Art City Days Parade

Kevin pretty much works every Saturday these days, but I didn't want Cory to miss out on the Art City Days Parade so I took him by myself. It was a fun adventure. I'm sure I was a site to see - imagine a big pregnant lady carrying a bag and two camp chairs with a cute little boy in pirate pants and a bright red cowboy hat walking around. The weather was nice and we had a fun time together. He loved getting the candy that was thrown out, but his favorite things to see were the UVU Wolverine and Iron Man. He went to give Iron Man "five" like a lot of kids were doing, but Iron Man totally didn't see Cory, so next thing I know Cory is running down the parade route after Iron Man trying to give him "five". It was really funny. 

Cory chasing an oblivious Iron Man

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Chase Palmer said...

I was the guy in the Iron Man suit. I feel bad that I didn't see your son to give him five. I hope he wasn't upset. Tell him that Iron Man says "hi" and I will make sure I give him hih five the next time I see him. :-). I will be at Air Time Gymnastics on June 20th and 22nd for the Super Hero training camp.