Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Disney World Trip

Last Wednesday I flew to Orlando for our family’s Disney World trip.
12 adults + 11 kids (5 in diapers) + 5 strollers + 1 wheel chair + 2 “How to get the most of your Disney vacation books” = a typical Whitesell family vacation
The trip went pretty well except for a horrid stomach virus that began making its rounds on day 3.
Trip back to UT:
3am Sunday morning I met my cab driver to make the trip back to the airport. As we chatted my stomach began churning and I started to look for the button to roll down the window, then noticed the floors were plastic; no worries. By the time I checked in and walked to the gate my stomach and I were hating life. I sprawled out on the gross tile floor in the handicap stall and waited for my flight to take off. The flight to Denver was bearable- I had the entire row to myself and slept with the occasional rush to the bathroom. When I landed in Denver I had exactly 30 minutes until my connection to Salt Lake left. The flight attendant announced the Salt Lake flight would be leaving from concourse C23; she was even nice enough to clarify with, Charley 23. Blast! I was in concourse B. I grabbed my throw up bag and ran for the tram, and then ran down to the end of concourse C. But wait! What did I find? There was no gate C23. My flight to SLC was departing, now in 10 minutes, from gate B23. With throw up sack in hand I ran back to the tram and then down to gate B23 and boarded as they shut the doors. Within 12 hours of being home one of my roommates started throwing up, and last night the other one started as well.
Even with all of the stress of such a large group and the horrible trip home, I enjoyed myself. I love spending time with my quirky family!

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