Thursday, October 19, 2006

Moving again ~ Losing sucks!

Moving gets easier and easier. I’ve now simplified my life more than ever. I own less than ever before, but now have more freedom than ever. I don’t need a truck to move- the Camry works just fine. I went and slept in Saratoga last night, because I missed the kids. I was able to play with them for about thirty minutes before I gave them a ride on my back to their beds. Their favorite thing is for me to play the “pacey, pacey, this is how the ladies ride….”game and I’ve probably done it a hundred times with them.

I played on an intramural volleyball team through BYU and we made it to the Championship in division two, only to lose. I hate losing more than anything. In my job interview for CP they asked me, “do you love to win or do you hate to lose?” It is a standard CP interview question that I have now asked over 50 people. I responded, with a smile, “I hate to lose.” Everyone I’ve interviewed always has said they love to win, but that’s what people think you want to hear. It is a stupid answer. Of course you love to win, but only because losing sucks! Duh!

I know this is a boring entry, but I’m bored. I apologize.

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