Monday, October 2, 2006

I love the Ponderooooosaaaa!

As I looked around at how the Ponderosa had changed, I took in a big whiff of horse poo and knew things were just as I last left them. The horses were in their muck and fly invested coral, the disgruntled guests were still yelling at the front desk, the squeals of little kids filled the air, and incompetent ATV riders speckled the hillsides. Yes, things were just as I had left them. Well, almost everything, Steve ever so kindly informed me of the latest fatality. When asked for a name, he only could provide, "a young horse, I think it was whitish." There was also a new pile of trash in the field by the horses that I hadn't seen before. A pleasant surprise left my jaw dropped when I ordered dinner. I had choices; there were no limitations on serving size. Salmon, BBQ chicken, T-bones, Burritos, and the customer service!! Boy oh boy!
Before showering in the Ponderosa showers and eating the Ponderosa's food, I rode the Ponderosa's ATVs. Fun times.

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