Saturday, January 21, 2006

Poor Dollar - Poor Me

Dollar got really sick, and was having trouble breathing so I rushed him over to the vet where he got a check up. Strictly for horses, I’ve never been to a nicer vet facility. The examining room was so spotless (and heated), I felt like I was at my doctor’s office. I could see Dollar looking around wondering where he was; I doubt he’s ever been inside, much less in a heated room. The vet sent us home with a prescription to open up his lungs and we are to report his condition in two weeks. Diagnosis: Bad cold/virus due to his sudden change in climate OR a lung condition brought on by allergies to hay, dust, and mold which causes chronic lung problems which build scar tissue in the lungs and restrict air passageways. Let’s hope it is just a bad cold. He already is much improved, so my hopes are high. I know I promised a more uplifting post, so keep checking…it is on its way!

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