Monday, January 23, 2006

Desert Ride

Since I can not ride Dollar for 2 weeks, my friend James let me ride his horse Kate on our “Saturday Ride.” We rode out to the desert in Santaquin, Utah. It was amazing! Once we got out there I suggested we go caving in the Nutty Putty Caves, since we were a couple miles from them. We rode the horses up to the cave entrance and decided it sounded too fun to resist, so we put the horses in the trailer and hiked back up on foot. It was pretty cold outside, but warm air blew up out of the cave entrance. You down climb about 15-20 feet into a small dark cavern. When I turned my flash light on I saw about a 100 beetles crawling around me. After a deep breath, I got on my stomach and army crawled through a tiny passage into the cave. Unlike my previous trips to the caves, the water level was low and I didn’t have to hold my breath, I just got a little wet. Once inside, the cave opened up. The caverns would open up and close over and over again and there was a lot of down climbing. Luckily there were ropes set up (no ropes in the past). We explored for a couple hours and had a ton of fun. When we got out of the cave we were really wet, and it was pitch black outside. We hiked back to the trailer, cold and wet, through the snow. Exploring the caves makes me feel like a little kid again and I love it!

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these are the smae caves I went into with my class from BYU 24 years ago. That small passage where you have to arnmy crawl was where I learned I was clostraphobic. I thought we were going to a cave... hole in the side of a mountain--not a hole in the ground! I have vivid memories of that place..
Love, Julie