Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nebo Half Marathon

This race was so much fun. Holly called me 2 days before the race and said she had an entry for me. I didn't have to do any of the stressing myself out before a race junk, and went in with no expectations. I secretly wanted to beat my previous time, but that's not really a secret when you're running your 2nd Half Marathon. I think the first race was all about finishing and figuring out what if feels like to run 13.1 miles. This time I pushed myself a little harder and I swear I kept that smile on my face all the way until the last 0.1 miles; then it was all business. I beat my last time by 6 minutes or so, with a time of 1:58:06. I was pretty pleased with getting a sub 2 hour time. I can totally quit running now. (Just kidding.)

 MaeBelle tried to eat me when I got home.
 That's better. Once you get her in a headlock, she's so cuddly.
 This picture is the best, because it was a happy day for me, my Cory is looking oh so handsome, and it even captures the essence of MaeBelle.

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