Saturday, August 31, 2013

Holding on to Summer

PaPa Whitesell sent this sweet pirate ship kite to Cory. It hasn't been very windy, but we did get it airborne behind the 4-wheeler. Can't wait till the next windy day to try it out again.
 Cory loves to dress up and has the coolest imagination.
 This picture makes me smile. He was playing with a grasshopper at the park and made this awesome face when it climbed onto his head.
 We spend so much time outside, especially with MaeBelle.

 We do plenty of relaxing inside with the a/c turned down nice and cool too.

Mason begs to ride the 4-wheeler. He gets really serious and cries when you make him get off.

 Just playing in an Iron Man costume and snow boots in August. Totally normal right?
Their zoned out faces worry me a bit. I guess we need to do more painting, coloring and reading. These boys love a good cartoon.

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