Sunday, July 1, 2012

The first 2 weeks

I was on a complete adrenaline high for the first 2 weeks Mason was home. I was so happy and I honestly enjoyed every moment. We are blessed with a great support system and had numerous meals brought in from great friends and family. Mason didn't have any problems with adjusting, except some mild reflux. He was never spitty, but would fuss if you laid him flat on his back after eating. I held him almost all of the time for the first two weeks and didn't care one bit if I "spoiled" him. I had a keen sense that those first days/weeks with him were absolutely priceless. Having done this once before, I knew they would be gone before I knew it!

First smile caught on camera

Great Grandma Thatcher

Tiny baby with Daddy

He was so skinny!

He didn't cry very much but when he did it was so sweet.

Mason reminds me of Barney from the Andy Griffith show in this picture.

With cousin Kristine

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