Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Little Benjamin Button

Of course we think Cory is the most beautiful baby to ever have been born, but the poor little guy is struggling in a few departments lately. He was born with a head full of hair, but now is sporting a nice receding hairline. He also has acne worse than I did when I was 15. I jokingly told Kev that he's starting to look like Benjamin Button, and now it's become our little joke. Hey if he grows up to look like Brad Pitt... I wouldn't be too upset or surprised- just look at his hottie parents.


Candace said...

That is too funny!! He is soo cute! How is motherhood?? I would love to get together with ya in Novemeber when you come!!

Anonymous said...

Jess- You guys really have a beautiful baby! I keep telling Steven (since he is no longer on facebook) "you know who has an adorable baby? Jessica and Kevin!" We should do lunch again sometime soon!