Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Hide Race

This video makes me and Kevin laugh so much when we watch it. Even though this is like the most redneck thing I've ever done (well at least in my top five), I think it will make my momma proud.
The Hide Race-
Needed: 2 people, a horse, a rope and dried out cow hide. One person rides the horse from one side of the arena to the other while dragging the dried out cow hide with a rope. When you get to the other end the other person (me) tries to jump on the hide, hold on and stay on while being drug back to the finish line.


Martha W said...

I am so proud to say that I am related to you! love ya

chels said...

haha yes that is awesome! I definitley got a laugh :)

The Garcia's said...

Your crazy, I can't believe that was you! Did Kev take a turn?

Costa Vida California said...

Girl, you are freakin' nuts!!
Where can I sign up for that?!
I think my ribs have healed :-o
You rock!
Love you Kev n Jess.
Sure miss you guys :(

Kerry said...

Wow, how much dirt did you have to pry out of your teeth? lol. We used to pull the hood of cars behind our snowmobiles. I'm sure your method of travel was much more bumpy. lol

-charley said...

Hey Jess,

A lovely video. Yes, slightly redneck, but nothing compared to greased duck/pig competitions. How I miss those.

Hope all's well,

slb said...

That video needs more banjo music.

Jessica said...

Oh, Jess...I love you and all of your redneck ways!

Candace said...

Girl you are soo silly!! I love that you have always just been yourself. I love ya girl and miss you too. Hope ya'll are doing well.