Thursday, September 14, 2006

Still Smilin'

I got an awesome promotion at work. I still don't make the big bucks but I really enjoy the people I work with and the job responsibilities. The title- "Account Manager"- translation- my partner Adam handles the client relations and I handle the marketing and promotions.
Social life is struggling just a bit, but I'm enjoying all the alone time. (no lie!) I probably spent 15 hours with Dollar last week and contrary to what some say, I think contact with him fills my need for human interaction just fine. I talk, he listens, he acts like an idiot, I laugh, it's great!
My bike is in the shop (boo!!!) but I did get a down hill day in at Sundance last week and if the bike is ready I will go again this weekend. I love how the bruises pop up all over my body, and everyone knows scrapes are sexy!
In the process of signing up for a Canyon Rescue course that I'll attend in Cedar City at the end of this month, but other than that taking a break from the "canyon scene."
Recent Social Attempts:
-A blind date(boo!!!)
-Joined a women's volleyball team
-Went to a work party even after date bailed
I hope all is well with everybody! Love you all! Dad ~ Can't wait for Disney World!!!

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