Monday, June 12, 2006

Random updates

Well, I joined a riding club and will be taking Dollar over to this huge arena twice a week to ride with a bunch of people and supposedly we’ll take some cool overnight camping trips with the horses. I already don’t fit in, since I’m the ONLY person riding in an English saddle. : ) I love it.
I went climbing 2 weekends ago and did a really cool canyon last Saturday, so I’m still finding time to enjoy my new outdoor activities. I just need to find a way to integrate them all together.
A week and ½ ago my friend Jake went to feed Dollar and his horse Moon. He tried to give Moon a shot and Moon knocked him backwards and struck him with his front foot in the head. Jake got rushed to the hospital and luckily will be ok. No riding for a month though. It was a tough reminder that although horses are our pets…they’re still animals and can be unpredictable.
Oh yeah...I'll be in SC June 21st-25th, but will only be in Rock Hill on Saturday (I'll be boogy boarding the crazy 2 foot waves at Myrtle Beach the rest of the time), so if ya wanna hang out plan on Saturday night; I'll be with the fam, but you're welcome to join us.

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