Monday, May 22, 2006

Hitch Hiking is Awesome!

(sorry no pics..I had to travel light)
11AM – A guy from work, Jason, told me he was going down to Vegas for the weekend and my wheels started turning….I knew my friend Keith had been down in Zion since
Wednesday and should be there till Sunday. I had found a ride at least part of the way to Zion.
12PM – Went home on my lunch break and packed my canyoneering gear
4PM – Jason and I left work and drove south
8PM – Got dropped off at the Toquerville exit (22 miles from Zion)
I then hitch hiked to Mosquito Cove camping area where I hoped to find Keith camping with some of his friends. I left him a message on his cell telling him where I’d be and spread out my sleeping bag on the banks of the Virgin River. An overly nice fellow camper stuffed me full of hotdogs and insisted I take some money from him. So with a full stomach and 5 bucks in my pocket I went to sleep under a gorgeous star filled sky with the soothing sound of the river running past. I was nervous Keith wouldn’t show up and I’d be stranded. Luckily, Keith woke me late that night letting me know they had arrived.
The sun finally was successful at waking me up after I tried to ignore her for a while, and then I went and found Keith’s camp site and our group set out to do Key Hole and Pine Creek Canyons. It was a special trip for a few reasons; a few being, we stumbled upon a sleeping owl deep in the Pine Creek slot. It opened its eyes and watched us as we walked past, moving nothing but his head. He was magnificent. There was also a raven who came right up to us as if saying hello and then it kept swooping down the last 100 foot rappel just to swoop back up moments later. It was a very memorable day of canyoneering.
I headed back up to Provo to start yet another week at work.
Thanks for everyone who remembered my birthday. I love and miss you all! Life as a 23 year old ain’t too shabby!


Debbie said...

Have I ever told you how crazy I think you are, and how much I love you?

Emily Jo said...

i agree with Debbie on that gosh I thought you had a car!!!